Category Indicator Data
1GeneralInflation (2016)-1,1%
2GeneralUnemployment (2016)6,70%
3GeneralGrowth indicators (2016)27
4GeneralTaxesCorporate Tax 16%
5RESFeed- In Tariff - FIT* RES are supported via Green Certificates/Quotas. The support scheme for new installations is not in force from 31.12.2016. After 2014, there was great dissatisfaction with the development of the RES market due to the large financial losses of producers.
* RES is supported through the green certificates system, which has been in force since the mid-2000s. In particular, with the 2208/2008, electricity suppliers are forced to buy (from RES producers ) and sell (to final customers) a certain number of certificates. For example, for 2015, the percentage of certificates reached 0.274 certificates per MWh sold. The law also set the minimum value of green certificates and the number of certificates for each category of RES station.
6RESBanks* RoSEFF is a 60 million euro funding program developed by the European Union (EU) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). RoSEFF provides financing to SMEs for investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy.
7Energy efficiencyESCOs* ESCO Corporation -ESCO International; Esco Technologies Inc; green Growth energy services; IGW Srl; vireo energy financial services; Lubretec bvba; AQYLON; Fourdeg (ESTA); GPEKS; GEO-ENERGY services; Benet Ltd.; Clearpower Ltd.; Asia Carbon Global; Sweco Nederland BV; Osborne Energy Limited; Convert Italia SpA; G2 energy; Fenice Spa; Group EDF; GEOMET Technologies; LLC Carbon Credentials; Vacco; Eagle Filters Ltd.; Crowley Engineering; Enemona JSC; Dulas Ltd.
8Energy efficiencyBanksBorrowing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to Banca Transilvania as part of the EBRD's new GEF Financial Facility (GEFF) for the financing of green investments.