Category Indicator Data
1GeneralInflation (2016)-1,3%
2GeneralUnemployment (2016)8,80%
3GeneralGrowth indicators (2016)28
4GeneralTaxesCorporate Tax 10%
5RESFeed- In Tariff - FIT* Privatization processes for energy producers and suppliers started in 2002 with the adoption of a new legislative framework. RES is primarily funded by commercial banks and private investors.
* A growing proportion of heating plants, electricity producers, gas companies, coal mines and hydroelectric plants have been fully or partially privatized.
* RES Feed In Tarrifs - duration of support (BGN/MWh):
* Wind (12 years):
<30 kW: 137,98,
30 kW - 200 kW: 128,51
200 kW - 1 MW: 116,98
> 1 MW: 95,55
* Solar PV (20 χρόνια):
<5 kW: 211,81
5 kW - 30 kW: 203,97
30 kW - 200 kW: 169,12
200 kW - 1 MW: 144,68
* Biomass (20 χρόνια):
wood residues: 222-250,
agriculture waste: 176,96,
energy crops: 164,48.
*Biogas (15 years):
Plant and aninal waste: 387 - 453,
Municipal waste: 206-225,
Sewage: 89 - 126.
* Hydro <10 MW 93,69 - 236,92.
6RESBanks *EBRD loan (through UniCredit Bulbank) for lending private industrial companies to finance energy efficiency projects and small RES.
* Through the REECL II credit line (Resource Efficiency Credit Line, Website: total of € 40 million, which was organized with the cooperation of the EBRD, the European Commission and the Bulgarian Service Energy Efficiency (now the Sustainable Energy Development Service - SEDA).
* Four commercial banks active in the Bulgarian market (CIBank, DSK Bank, ProCredit Bank, Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria) operate as financial intermediaries under the program by granting loans to private owners and owners' associations in order to finance eligible 'Energy Efficiency projects'. Upon successful completion of the project, additional direct support is granted, covering up to 35% of the total cost of the investment. The financial support provided under this credit line is made possible through the KIDSF (Kozloduy International Support Decommissioning Fund). They have already been funded 53,000 projects of a total value of approximately € 97 million.
* Through the Operational Program Competitiveness, the sub-actions of which (Axis 3: ""Energy efficiency and resource efficiency for enterprises"" budgeting € 264 million for the programming period 2014-2020) are for Energy Efficiency and RES (
* Through the Program ""Energy Renovation of Bulgarian Residences"" initiated by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works under the Community-supported Operational Program ""Regional Development"". The relevant funds amount to approximately € 26 million, cover the period 2012-2017, while beneficiaries are owners associations. Through the program, covering 36 urban areas, the owner grants direct support up to 50% of the building's energy renovation budget, and the necessary technical and energy efficiency audits are fully funded. Website:
* Through the Community-supported ""Agricultural Development"" Program, for the individual measures and responsible is the Bulgarian Agricultural State Fund. Website:
* Through the European Local Energy Assistance (EIB) financial instrument ELENA. Website:
7Energy efficiencyESCOsEnergy Service Companies (ESCOs) can provide a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings and energy efficiency projects, power and heat generation and energy supply. ESCOs can offer own financing or structure third-party financing. ESCOs are often paid for their services from potential energy savings, but other service arrangements also possible.
8Energy efficiencyBanksThe EBRD supports energy efficiency improvements in the domestic sector of Bulgaria with a loan to DSK Bank for lending to individuals and associations of apartment owners for the energy efficiency of buildings.