Category Indicator Data
1GeneralTotal Financing 2009-2014305.950.000€
2GeneralEEA Grants190.800.000€
3GeneralNorway Grants115.200.000€
4GeneralΕΕΑ Grants for RES-Energy Efficiency10.530.493€
5RESEEA for RES Program 9.918.067€
6RESProgram OperatorEnvironmental Fund Administration
7RESCategories Interventions* Hydroelectric Energy Interventions.
* Geothermal Energy Interventions.
8RESProgram website
9RESNumber of Projects1
10RESBasic Technologies Promoted* Hydropoelectric Power
* Geothermy
11RESResults*RO-06's contribution to promoting green energy development is highly satisfactory.
12Energy EfficiencyEEA for Energy Efficiency Program 61.2426€
13Energy EfficiencyProgram OperatorMinistry of European Funds
14Energy EfficiencyCategories Interventions*Ιnstalling modern lighting systems in a big hospital units.
15Energy EfficiencyProgram website
16Energy EfficiencyNumber of Projects5
17Energy EfficiencyBasic technology promoted* Lighting system Energy efficiency.
18Energy EfficiencyResults* The programs RO-05 and RO-06 are strongly linked to European policies and priorities, but also to the 20-20-20 targets, which will be the main axes of the sectoral policy of the programming period (2014-2020).